Yakov’s Vodka Recipe – Easy Sugar Wash

I’ve put together an easy vodka recipe that anyone starting out can make. This is one of the first recipes I started with when learning to make moonshine and is by far the easiest. All the ingredients can be purchased from your grocery store. Details are below have fun and be safe.

Ingredients:homemade vodka moonshine

  • 7 kg White Sugar
  • 200 g Yeast Nutrients
  • 1 Pack Turbo Yeast
  • Clearing agent ( Optional)


  • 23 L Fermenter ( I use Carboy should be food grade)
  • Large stainless steel stirring spoon
  • Digital Thermometer


  1. Clean and sterilize fermenter with bleach, be sure to rinse well after
  2. Add 8 – 10 L of hot water into 23 L fermenter
  3. Measure out 7 kg of sugar and slowly add to fermenter while using spoon to stir in sugar
  4. Once sugar is dissolved top up fermenter with cool water to bring temperature to between 23 – 30 degrees C
  5. Time to make a Yeast Starter. Here’s the 4 Step’s To Make a Yeast Starter For Sugar Wash you’ll need to follow.
  6. After 1 hour Stir in Yeast Starter and let stand for 24 hours
  7. After 24 hours stir well to aerate sugar wash ( This aeration allows for increased yeast reproduction as yeast will reproduce until there is no more oxygen at this point they will begin to create alcohol).
  8. Fermentation will complete within 4 -8 days. Check fermentation by either measuring specific gravity, or by tasting for left over sugars.

Distillinghome built reflux still

Because you are making vodka which is flavourless a reflux still should be used. I’ve written a post about how to distill using a reflux still that will guide you through the process.


This recipe should make approximately 7 L of vodka moonshine at 40 % abv.


Don’t stop with just making homemade vodka now that you have this base spirit you can flavour it with so many spices, herbs and fruits. Including maple syrup, cinnamon, vanilla and chillies. Check out our home made baileys recipe for a great gift idea.

homemade vodka infused with fruit
Check out this home made vodka flavoured with fresh strawberries and kiwi fruit

Don’t stop there you can also infuse your moonshine with fresh fruit like strawberries, blueberries  and kiwis which will impress just about anyone you serve it to. Check out our list of fruit infused moonshine recipes for details.

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