Is It Illegal To Make Moonshine In West Virginia ?

west virginia moonshine laws

West Virginia is no stranger to moonshine and many people’s lively hoods used to depend on it. That is, until the government imposed heavy taxes on moonshine and production went way down and those that did continue to produce did so in secrecy. Currently, there is still some moonshine in West Virginia, but it is mostly produced by licensed manufacturers.

Is it Legal to Own a Still in West Virginia ?

It is legal to own a still in West Virginia, but not for the purpose of manufacturing alcohol. If you wish to produce alcohol, a Distillers license is required.

Is it Legal to Distill Alcohol in West Virginia ?

Yes, but you must submit a Liquor Vendor Form to the West Virginia Alcohol Beverage Control Administration to get a permit. To obtain this permit, there is an annual fee.

legal to make moonshine

What is the Penalty For Selling Moonshine in West Virginia ?

Producing moonshine without a license in West Virginia is considered a misdemeanor and the person may be subject to a fine and/or jail time.

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