Is It Illegal To Make Moonshine In South Carolina ?

moonshine laws in south carolina

Is it Legal to Own a Still in South Carolina ?

Yes, it is legal to own a still in South Carolina, BUT, it is not legal to use it for the purpose of manufacturing alcohol. If you cannot present evidence that the still is being used to produce something other than alcohol, such as distilling water, than it is not legal.

Penalty for Possession of an Illegal Still/Selling Moonshine?

Misdemeanor; Maximum Fine: 1st offense: not less than $600;  2nd offense: $1,500;  3rd and subsequent offenses:  $3000.

An additional charge of $20 per container of illegal alcohol;Maximum Jail Term:  1st offense: 6 months; 2nd offense: 1year; 3rd and subsequent offenses: 2 years.

The State of South Carolina can:

  • seize property
  • seize vehicles, vessels, & aircrafts used in transporting illegal liquor
  • seize still

Is it Legal to Distill Alcohol in South Carolina ?

South Carolina Statute Section 61-6-4010 states that (A) making, keeping, transporting or selling alcoholic beverages excepting that which has been acquired in a lawful manner and in accordance with the provisions of the title, is unlawful.

You may apply for manufacturer’s license to distill alcohol, but the license fee is $50,000, or $5000 for a micro distillery (still very limited).

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