Is It Illegal To Make Moonshine In Georgia ?

moonshine laws in georgia

Georgia has a long history of moonshine dating back to the 1860s. After the civil war moonshine became taxed and illegal. Some people still made it in secrecy, but the high risk associated with illegal business prevented its production from spreading. Today, with the controlled legalization of moonshine and strict law enforcement, illegal production is virtually non existent.

Is it Legal to Own a Still in Georgia ?

Yes, but it may not be used to manufacture alcohol or ethanol.

Penalty for Possession of an Illegal Still?

Law enforcement agencies are strict in this State and your apparatus can be seized and heavy charges will be laid.

Is it Legal to Distill Alcohol in Georgia ?

If you wish to distill alcohol in Georgia, you must obtain a commercial distillery license as well as the basic TTB license and TTB Distilled Spirits license.

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