Is It Illegal To Make Moonshine In Florida ?

moonshine laws in florida

Is it Legal to Own a Still in Florida ?

Not unless you get a license from the state subjecting you to the appropriate taxes and regulations.

Penalty for Possessionlegal to make moonshine of an Illegal Still?

Even if you do not intend to make moonshine and have a still, you are committing a crime punishable by law. It is a 3rd degree felony and the owner can be charged up to 5 years of imprisonment or a fine of $5000.

Is it Legal to Distill Alcohol in Florida ?

If you want to distill moonshine for person or commercial use in Florida, you will be required to get a Craft Distillery License, which will run you $4000 and you will have to submit monthly reports to the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulations. You will also be required to obtain a federal TTB Distilled Spirits and TTB Basic Permit for distilling alcohol.

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