Grand Pappy’s 4-Grain Liquor Recipe – Everyone Will Love This One!

This recipe was shared by Danny on the Home Distillers Of America Group. Danny says ” It’s a 

killer recipe , I make this about every month, people love this, it’s a smooth high ABV Mix and everyone wants more and more ” . I tried it and loved it so I figured I’d post it on the main site for everyone. If you make this recipe  please post pictures and your thoughts below in the comments. Thanks

Ingredients & Directions:

Step 1 :  Need Producers Pride (3-Grain Mix, Oats, Barley, Cracked Corn) 50lbs (Good for just over 3- 30 gal batches, Get at Tractor Supply ($16.00 ), All Grain which is basically a Sweet feed mix but just doesn’t have as much molasses as other sweet feed mix’s but the sugar & cracked corn make up the difference.
Also a 50 lb bag of ( Country Pride or other , cleaned cracked corn ) get at Orscheln Farm Supply ($6.00). Its better if its cleaned ( no cobs or trash ) ( good for more than one Batch ).

Step 2:  Now you need to Grind, Blend (with a blender) for 30 gals of mash 15lbs of the 3 grain country pride mix , doesn’t have to be a powder.

Step 3: Then you need to grind, blend (with a blender) for 30 gals of mash 10lbs of cleaned cracked corn but don’t mix with 3-grain yet, I have a 10 gal mash pot to cook the corn and you want to mix the 10lbs of blended cracked corn with 10lbs of straight up cracked corn and bring it up to under boiling temperature , about 160* to 170* Fahrenheit until you see it starting to Gel ,and it will Gel.

Step 4: I use a 35 gal (Fermenting Container ) (Brand New Sanitized Trash Can , Thick Plastic, Not a cheap one.) so once it has gelled you need to ad it to your Ferment-er and stir and check temperature ( should be whatever it was when cooked or close, now stir in 35lbs of Sugar stir until dissolved then ad the 15lbs of blended 3 Grain and continue to stir for at least 15 minutes or more until mixed well. * Now for that special hint of spice and smoothness throw in 5lbs of Rye ( I like to grind/Blend mine for the extra flavor in the final product ) , because as you know Rye doesn’t do anything to the alcohol content of the final product, it just ads flavor , and it helps. ( Thus, we have 4-Grain Mash )

Step 5:  Now you need to stir every few hours until the mash has cooled to at least 115 degree’s , I prefer 100 degrees but its safe to ad the yeast at 115 or less. My Grandpa always used Bakers Yeast but you are more than welcome to try what you feel like, but I’m sticking to what Grandpa used cause it works good for me & Him !! ( We use , 6 – 1/4oz packs of Fleischmann’s Active Dry Yeast to 30 gals) and it has no after tastes or cloudiness whatsoever when done. Sometimes I do a SG but not always because it’s gonna work or it ain’t ! Also I don’t use an air lock ( For Pussies ) I let my mash breath and just stir the first few days ( every other day for the first six days ) then it takes 8 , 10 , 12 days before its ready to distill just watch the bubbles and check your ABV every couple days and you’ll know when its ready to run.

(If you have a chiller in step #5 you can speed the cooling process up quite a bit but if not it’ll probably take all night for it to cool enough to ad the Yeast. )

If anyone tries this recipe, let me know how it turned out , Later
(PS) I do weigh everything to keep it accurate)

If you’re not going to drink this batch right away you might want to experiment with oaking some. I’m a big fan of adding a few oak chips and letting it age for a few months before drinking.  If your new to this here’s an article on oaking and ageing homemade whiskey that’s worth a read.

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