Dreamsicle Moonshine Drink Recipe – Great for a hot summer day!

Creamsicle moonshine drink recipe

Here is a great recipe for those hot summer days.

Your going to need the following

2 cups white sugar
1 gal orange juice
1/2 cup powdered French Vanilla coffee creamer
4 teaspoons vanilla extract
1/5 gal (750 ml) 190+ proof alcohol, moonshine or Everclear works great. Keep in mind you can add less or more depending on how stiff you like it.
Step 1 – Add the orange juice, vanilla extract, sugar and coffee creamer to a medium size pot
Step 2 – Bring to a boil while mixing
Step 3 – Boil for 3 min
Step 4 – Let cool, Add Moonshine and bottle in mason jars.

I like to let this site for at least a week before drinking. The flavors really meld together by letting it sit a bit.

Serving Instructions:
Put the Dreamsicle Moonshine mix in the freezer for a few hours before serving. You can Either drink it over ice or toss it in the blender with some ice to make a Dreamsicle Moonshine smoothie yum yum.  Add a slice of orange to the top of the glass for style points.

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If you’ve got a Moonshine mix recipe that you’ve made and loved post it below so others can try it!

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