Deathwish Wheat Germ Recipe (DWWG) – Makes a smooth scotch flavor whiskey

homemade whiskey

I found this recipe online a few years ago it’s a simple whiskey recipe that allows you to make a smooth flavour whiskey with minimal work. It uses a simple sugar wash while adding wheat germ to give the flavour to your whiskey.

To get started you will need the following Ingredients:

  • 10 lb of sugar
  • 16 oz of wheat germ
  • 1 tsp citric acid (lemon or lime juice works good)
  • 1 pack champagne yeast
  • 2 cups oak chips for aging if you want

Directions :

To get started add sugar, wheat germ and citric acid into a 5 gallon pot. Top up the pot with water nearly to the top leave some room to let it boil. Bring the wash to a boil for 1 hour then poor the wash into a fermentor mine is a 6.5 Gallon fermentor. Make sure your fermenter is food grade and has an air lock, if you don’t have one you can purchased one at your local home brew store. Add cold water to top off fermenter to 6 gallons. Once wash has cooled to below 30 degrees C add yeast and let stand for 1 hour then stir. Let stand for another 24 hours and stir again. Then let sit for 3 – 6 days time to complete fermentation will depend on temperature of fermentation. You will know fermentation is complete when bubbles stop passing though air lock.


Once fermentation is complete it’s time to distill. If this is your first time making moonshine you may want to check out my step by step guide to distilling whiskey before you start.pot still making homemade moonshine

Ageing Homemade Whiskey

Ageing your homemade whiskey can enhance natural flavours in the whiskey as well as add unique flavours from the wood you use to give it a great final taste. I recently wrote this guide to ageing and flavouring moonshine which will take you over the process of aging some theory and how to do it.

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