Column/Reflux Still

reflux still how to build
reflux still how to build

To learn how to make moonshine you will first need to learn the difference between a pot still and a column/reflux still and decide which type you will use. Both a pot and column still have advantages and disadvantages and which one you decided to use largely depends on the type of liquor you are thinking of making. Lets have a look at how a column still works, what type of alcohol it will make and how you can make one at home.

 How does a column still Work?

A column still differs from a pot still in that it creates a much higher proof alcohol in a single distillation. It does this by creating multiple distillations within the column by either using plates or packing within the column. This effectively creates a much higher proof alcohol tipically between 90 – 95% that lacks any flavour or texture. To learn more about how a column still works check out “Understanding How a column still Works”

What types of liquor is made with a column still?

A column still is predominantly used for making clear spirits such as vodka, white rum and London dry gin. For recipes and step by step instructions on making any of the above spirits check out our “Moonshine recipes” .

 How to Make a Column Still ?

A column still is a must for anyone just starting out. It’s more complicated to build then a simple pot still however it is the most useful still as you can easily create a flavourless base spirit using our simple moonshine receipt. Once you have a base spirt flavours can be added to create many different sprites including, gin, whiskey, rum, malabu, jagermister, and countless others.


I’ve created a how to guide that includes detailed drawings, videos, material lists and step by step instructions that will show you how to build your own reflux still. I’ve also included detailed instructions on how to use the column still once you have built it. Building your own still will cost you just under $100 compared to buying one online which could run you over $500. You can download my e-book below:

“How to build a column still”

Where can I buy a column still?

You can purchase a high quality still online at these stills are hand crafted and look amazing. They will create an identical product the homemade still above the only difference have a slightly higher curve appeal.

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