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I learned from the Māori in New Zealand how to make moonshine and spent over three years there perfecting the technique. Because it’s legal in New Zealand to make moonshine there’s a large amount of home distilleries and an amazing amount of knowledge to back that up.

Moonshining in New Zealand

During the time I spent in New Zealand I managed to perfect many recipes for moonshine. Here are a few I’d recommend to anyone starting out : Corn Mash Recipe , Vodka Recipe and my personal favourite Deathwish Wheat Germ Whiskey Recipe . I also learned how to build both a pot and reflux still from scratch. I’ve created E-books that walk you though the process.  I have a passion for learning and love to teach people what I’ve learned which is why I created this blog.Making Moonshine Hydrometer Proofing

Now that I’m living back in the United States I no longer make moonshine as it’s illegal here and you should understand this blog is for information purposes only. Hopefully one day the government will legalize home distilleries and we can put our knowledge to good use. To learn more about the laws surrounding moonshine and what’s required to make Moonshine legally in your state visit Home Distilling Laws section of our blog.

Our blog is intended for educational purposes only. All recipes and how to video’s are theoretical in nature and no laws were broken during the making of any material on our blog. We use non – functional dummy props for demonstration purposes. Any information offered on this site should not be relied upon as basis for any decisions and further research should be done elsewhere. We do not violate any State or Federal laws and neither should you!

What To Get Involved ?

I’m always looking for people to help out with the blog or Facebook group. It takes time to answer peoples questions and create valuable content so any help is appreciated. Maybe you’ve learned something along your journey that you’d like to share, you could write an article on the blog. Or become a moderator in the Facebook group, you’ll help keep out spam and answer peoples questions. If this sound like something you’re interested in send me an email at learntomoonshine@gmail.com 

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