How To Make A Easy Dry Yeast Starter – 4 Steps

Many Yeast manufactures recommencement you make a Yeast Starter instead of adding Dry yeast directly to your Wash.

So Why make a yeast starter? Can’t I just dump the yeast directly into the wash ? Making a Yeast starter will ensure the yeast is alive and will guarantee an accelerated fermentation which will stop wild bacteria from contaminating your wash and altering the flavor of your final product. Yeast Starters also allow yeast to multiply lowering the chance of stuck fermentation. If your looking for a great tasting bottle of Moonshine I’d suggest you make this simple Yeast Starter.

What Do I Need To Make A Yeast Starter ?

That’s a good question you’ll need:

  • Thermometer
  • Warm water
  • Yeast
  • Sugar
  • Measuring Cup
  • Stir Spoon

4 Step’s To Make a Yeast Starter

Step 1 – Re-hydrate yeast by putting 1 cup of boiled water @ 95 F – 105 F in a properly sanitized measuring cup.  Add yeast and  let soak for 10 minuets

Step 2 – Add a one teaspoons of sugar

Step 3 -cover with saran wrap

Step 4 – Let stand for 30 min, after this time you should see signs of life ie foaming. If no signs of life are present you may have a package of dead yeast.


Final Step add it to your wash and seal your tormenter up with a Airlock. If your still a little confused. Watch the following video!

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I always use starters? Some Yeast manufacture recommend it and some do not. I find generally with the cheaper yeast you need to make a Yeast Starter.

Should I use a starter with dry yeast? It’s probably less work to just purchase 11 gm packs of
dry yeast or two of the 5 gm packs. The dry yeast tends to have enough yeast cells for the average batch of home brew.

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